Chris Cheung’s Chinatown: A Chef’s Vision of the Past and Present

(by Corbo Eng)

Manhattan’s Chinatown, that great symbol of Chinese life in New York City, has historically been a stronghold of Toisanese influence. The Toisanese, originally from Southern China, founded the enclave in the 19th Century. But, today, the Toisanese standing in the neighborhood is waning. Chris Cheung, a Toisanese chef and owner of East Wind Snack Shop in Brooklyn, remembers the Toisanese coffee shops that once graced Chinatown but that have now largely vanished. Together, for Life & Thyme Magazine, we toured Chinatown’s busy streets to find the few remaining ones and to reflect on how it used to be.

(This story originally appeared in Life & Thyme on March 8, 2016)









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