Mein Roads: On The Hunt for America’s Most Unusual Sandwich

(by Corbo Eng)

There are plenty of regional specialities across the United States. However, not so much with Chinese food. Given its uniform nature, with the same, ubiquitous egg rolls, beef and broccoli, and General Tso’s Chicken being sold everywhere, there aren’t many regional deviations. But, one exception is the chow mein sandwich from the South Coast of Massachusetts and nearby Rhode Island. On its face, it’s chow mein, that staple of Chinese-American fare, but served between a hamburger bun. Very odd, yes, and simple enough to make. But, there’s really much more to it than that. I found that out while on assignment for The Cleaver Quarterly.

TCQ6 p15-25 – Mein Roads

(This story originally appeared in Issue#6 of The Cleaver Quarterly)

Mee Sum Front Exterior

Regina Mark (2)

Mee Sum Styrofoam To Go

Store Sign

Box and Bag-2

Bags of Noodles (2)

China Gourmet 2

China Kitchen Exterior


The Dragon Room

Chow Mein Gravy Packets 2My Sandwch 0037

All photos on this page by Corbo Eng











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